February 08, 2011

One hit wonder

I was asked to do this "Mind" Your Business blog series a while back. I was told it would be a good thing to do and not to worry, "it would be easy." I’ve received some positive feedback on my posts, so I think it has turned out to be a good thing. However, I can tell you it is NOT as easy as advertised. Consistently coming up with thought-provoking content is a challenge. As I started the series I had a couple of ideas so I started strong, but I was worried about continuing to come up with meaningful subject matter every two weeks. I hoped I wouldn’t become a "one hit wonder." I thought of all the bands that have come out with a great first album. The material was written and played over many years. That album turns out great, but then they need to quickly follow up with a second album. It seems like that highly anticipated second album often stinks. So what does this is have to do with business? It’s the value that comes from sustained performance -- the need for consistency. How do you consistently achieve good results? Three keys to consistent effort and a positive attitude...
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