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Corey Chambas: President & CEO of First Business Financial Services, Inc.

Corey Chambas, President & CEO of First Business Financial Services, Inc. is a featured blogger for IBMadison.com. Corey has over 25 years experience working with local businesses. He currently serves as a director of several of First Business's companies, is a board member of M3 Insurance Solutions, an advisory board member of Bellbrook Labs and Aldine Capital Fund, and a member of the Strategic Issues Campaign Committee for the United Way of Dane County.

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Recent Blog Posts

September 21, 2010

Patience is a virtue but maybe not in business.

I was recently talking to a fellow business person about hobbies, and we discovered we both competed in triathlons. As we talked a bit more, I mentioned that my favorite hobby, however, is musky fishing. She said, "Boy, you must really be patient!"

Muskies are sometimes known as "the fish of 10,000 casts," and while that might be a bit of a stretch, most days on the water, you don’t catch a fish. I chuckled at the irony, because if you ask my wife or the people I work with, they would all say I am very impatient. I started thinking about the phrase, "patience is a virtue." Is this …

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September 07, 2010

Help! I need somebody. Help!

We recently hired a few new employees. As their supervisor walked them through our facility and introduced them to everyone, I was reminded of a process I follow with my own direct reports. On the first day, I sit down with the employee and basically say, "OK. You have the job. In our lengthy interview and hiring process, you may have fooled me and been able to oversell yourself a bit. If so, that’s OK. At this point, you’re hired and I am fully committed to making sure you are successful." I let the employee know that if there is ever anything that they need help with, don’t understand, or …

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August 24, 2010

Back to School!?!

Ah, it’s the end of summer and the kids are going back to school. Some of us are prepping our own kids for this adventure and some of us have kids beyond this stage in life. Regardless of your situation, I’m guessing you have fond "back to school" memories from your childhood.

Sure, there was some anxiety. I personally dreaded not being able to sleep in like I managed to do in the summer. While we may have not been looking forward to homework and tests, it was always an exciting time. There were new teachers, new classrooms, and new classmates. As a kid you never realized it, but the …

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