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Corey Chambas: President & CEO of First Business Financial Services, Inc.

Corey Chambas, President & CEO of First Business Financial Services, Inc. is a featured blogger for IBMadison.com. Corey has over 25 years experience working with local businesses. He currently serves as a director of several of First Business's companies, is a board member of M3 Insurance Solutions, an advisory board member of Bellbrook Labs and Aldine Capital Fund, and a member of the Strategic Issues Campaign Committee for the United Way of Dane County.

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Recent Blog Posts

September 13, 2011

Who wins in business - the tortoise or the hare?

I have something slightly embarrassing to admit. I recently spent a Sunday afternoon driving to four sub shops to hunt down a specific sandwich. How did this happen? I was on an elliptical machine at the gym, watching TV, and caught a commercial for Cousins Subs’ "Pulled Pork and Slaw" sandwich. The commercial was effective, to say the least. Although I was already running late, when I finished my workout, I had to get this sandwich and became a bit obsessed in seeking it out.

After finding two Cousins locations, both of which were closed, I hit a Subway, where they informed me they …

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August 16, 2011

Fishing for a change

I was recently on a musky fishing trip where my buddy and I fished for three and a half days, 12-plus hours a day, and caught two muskies. If you’re not familiar with musky fishing, that was actually a successful trip. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of time between contact with fish, and often you start second-guessing your strategy.

Should you stick with the place where the fish are supposed to be and risk not seeing fish all day? Should you move from the rocks where they’re supposed to be to the weeds or deeper water where the fish may be? Should you ditch the plan to fish …

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July 19, 2011

Work, rest, repeat

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may not be surprised that my idea for this post came on a bike ride again. Sorry about that, but I do some of my best thinking while out on rides. The upside for me is maybe I could also submit my blog to Bicycling magazine!

Ive been doing some extra training recently, as I am doing a 50-mile fundraising ride. I know its a "ride" and not a "race," but I cant help myself. Im a bit competitive. I have been working pretty hard, but once the ride is over, Ill back off the training again. Maybe its age, but Im a firm believer that you need time …

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