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 Interest Bearing Checking Accounts

  • Available to executives of First Business Bank business clients.
  • No monthly maintenance fee.
  • Interest on a tiered rate schedule.
  • Served by the same account officer as business accounts.
  • Debit card access for point-of-sale purchases and ATM access.
  • Able to use our courier service for deposits and check cashing.
  • FDIC insured.
  • Convenience of banking at the same bank as for business.
  • Free Internet Banking.

Money Market Accounts

  • Interest paid monthly based on the Fed Funds target rate minus 0.5%..
  • Check writing ability (up to six a month per federal banking regulations).
  • Minimum average daily balance of $2500 to offset monthly maintenance fee.
  • Debit Card access for point of sale purchases and ATM access.
  • Can be tied to checking account using a sweep.
  • Provides overdraft protection.

Certificate of Deposits


  • Ability to have FDIC Insurance for deposits in excess of $250,000
  • Convenience of dealing with one financial institution.
  • Funds stay in the community.
  • Deposits earn competitive interest rate.

Visa Debit Cards

  • VISA/Plus ATM Network access for ATMs anywhere around the world

    VISA/PLUS ATM Product Tip:
    Please keep the following in mind if you have plans to travel internationally:

    • Notify First Business Bank if you are travelling abroad. If we know when and where you are travelling we can insure that your account is not flagged or blocked due to unusual spending patterns.
    • First Business Bank can raise your spending limits to enable you to take care of unexpected vacation expenses.
    • Be sure to test your debit card before leaving the country and make sure you have your four-digit PIN. Many ATMs outside the U.S. do not have letters on the keypad or the letters appear in a different order.
    • Before you leave home, make a list of account numbers of credit cards and the telephone numbers for reporting cards lost or stolen. Keep a copy of the list with you and with someone at home whom you can call in case of trouble.

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