Information Reporting gives you access to information about your banking relationships to help you manage cash. You can also access report information and improve audit control for reconciliation.

Business Electronic Banking (BeB)

  • Access account information through the Internet anytime, anywhere
  • View daily account balances
  • View loan information
  • Make fund and wire transfers using the Internet
  • Request domestic and international wire transfers
  • Examine check detail
  • Receive transaction detail
  • Export information into an accounting package for quick reconciliation
  • Perform cash management functions such as cash disbursements, positive pay, and cash concentration transactions
  • Direct deposit of employee payroll
  • File taxes electronically
  • Request stop payment
  • View your statements electronically
  • Secure sign on information
  • View our self-guided demo to become familiar with internet banking and the benefits it provides.
  • Anyone with a checking account is eligible to open an online banking account. For more information or to enroll, call 608-238-8008 or e-mail.

Business Electronic Banking Demo →

Mobile Business Banking 

Whether you're in a meeting or on a plane, you can use your App to make confident business decisions with accurate financial data. It enables you to:
  • Check balances 
  • View up to 90 days of deposit account history 
  • Deposit checks 
  • Pay bills 
  • Make internal transfers

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Receive detailed ACH addenda information
  • Accounts receivable reconciliation easier and more efficient
  • Download data to accounts receivable systems

Electronic Statements

  • Reduce fraud — no paper statements sitting on desks or in mailboxes
  • Quicker — no need to wait for mail or courier delivery availability
  • Receive via internet banking (access restricted to those that need to reconcile)
  • Links to check images integrated into statement
  • Sign up for Electronic Statements

Account Reconciliation

  • Sends files of issued checks monthly to match paid checks
  • Balances account with reports of outstanding items
  • Saves time reconciling checking account each month
  • More accurate balancing

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