Fraud Protection includes ACH Positive Pay to protect you from unauthorized electronic payment and Positive Pay protects you from check fraud.

Positive Pay

  • Account reconciliation of checks clearing versus checks issued (upload files)
  • History available for up to 45 days
  • Early access to suspect checks clearing account
  • Secure — no one can access information
  • Reduces potential check fraud
  • Saves time with online exception decision making

ACH Positive Pay

  • Protects you from unauthorized electronic payments
  • Allows for a total block of ACH Debits from an account
  • Option to create filter list for pre-authorized ACH Debits
  • Easily add or delete authorized ACH transactions from filter list

Electronic Statements

  • Reduce fraud — no paper statements sitting on desks or in mailboxes
  • Quicker — no need to wait for mail or courier delivery availability
  • Receive via online banking (access restricted to those that need to reconcile)
  • Links to check images integrated into statement
  • Sign up for Electronic Statements

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