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Lines of Credit

  • Improved cash flow and cash management options with low monthly interest-only payments
  • Ability to manage funds with floating interest rate
  • Immediate accessibility of available funds
  • Line availability increases as business and collateral grows

Draw Notes

  • Flexibility of purpose and collateral when not all money is spent at once
  • Reduced expense due to interest accruing only on balances outstanding
  • Various payment options in which loan is repaid over period of time which is normally less than the lifetime of the collateral
  • Multiple rate options to choose from
  • Simplifies purchase of machinery and equipment

Term Loans

  • Note payments are fixed for up to five years - occasionally longer
  • Loan is repaid over period of time; normally less than the useful life of the collateral
  • Easy budgeting with equal monthly payments
  • Smooths cash flow for asset purchases
  • Flexibility of rate structure

Commercial Real Estate — Construction Loan

  • Low monthly payments
  • Short term
  • Convenient budgeting since no principal payment is required until completion, when rent payments are received
  • Choice of rate type
  • Ability to manage cash flow on regular basis

Commercial Real Estate — Mini-Perm

  • Fixed or variable rate
  • Reduced expenses due to low monthly payments with up to 25 year amortization
  • Secured by commercial real estate
  • Notes and payments are fixed up to 5 years, occasionally longer
  • Multiple rate options to choose from


  • The SBA's guaranty helps banks approve loans that it otherwise might not 
  • Longer amortization period than a traditional bank loan with similar purpose

SBA 504

  • The SBA's guaranty helps banks approve loans that it otherwise might not 
  • Reduce interest expense due to low loan rates
  • Lower owner equity requirement

Standby Letters of Credit

  • Guarantee by bank as payment for the beneficiary
  • Saves money by reducing expenses since it costs less than borrowing funds
  • Interest accrues only if drawn upon
  • Satisfies requirement set by vendor or other interested party
  • Ability to purchase and sell goods that otherwise would need to be paid for in advance

Documentary Letters of Credit

  • Various options used in international commerce: transferable, partial shipment, revolving, back to back in which credit can be used as collateral, or red clause in which credit can be drawn against before shipping
  • Increases cash flow since interest is only charged once draw is made
  • Ability to purchase goods and services that otherwise would need to pay for in advance
  • Reduces expenses since it costs less than borrowing funds

Business Credit Cards

  • Multiple credit limits for individual needs aggregated at company master level
  • Credit line can be divided among many credit cards based on purchasing needs
  • Easy access to account information online
  • Payments can be made online
  • Easy to manage employee expenses
  • Ability to create reports with online service

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